Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners – CV 570-2 WET & DRY

R9,900.00 exc VAT

The professional 900 embodies in a single machine 15 years experience in supplying the commercial market from one corner of the globe to the other.

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The new CombiVac will be found at home in the dirtiest of places.

First you have the full Structofoam construction, unmatched worldwide. Structofoam is a material formulation embodying all the strength needed for bigger machines, yet without weight penalty. It is really rugged. It doesn’t dent, scratch or deteriorate and yet it is light in weight and resists all standard cleaning chemicals.

The unique filter system enables the user to switch from dry to wet pick up without the hassle of changing filters or kits.

The power and performance are to the full TwinFlo’ standard with a choice of one or two-motored specifications and both incorporate the Nucable plugged, replaceable cable system as standard.

• High efficiency dual washable filter system
• Use for wet and dry pick up, no need to change kit or filter
• Standard BS8 accessory kit with stainless steel tube set
• Simplex one motored model – CV 570
• Duplex two motored model – CVD 570

Model: WV570-2
Motor: 1060W
Power: 230V AC50/60Hz
Air flow: 49L/sec
Suction: 2400mm H20
Dry: 13L
Wet: 13L
Range: 26.8m
Weight: 13.6kg
Dimensions: 415x415x645mm

Standard with BS8 Kit / Replacement Accessories
VP602102 38mm 2.4m NuFlex Threaded Hose c/w Cuf fs R 880.00
VP602917 38mm 3pc Stainless Steel Wand Set R 990.00
VP602380 38mm 400mm ProFlo Wet Pick-Up Nozzle R 980.00
VP602381 38mm 400mm ProFlo Brush Nozzle R 980.00
FI502988 Wet Float Assembly (Wet Filter) (570/900) R 2 400.00
FI900391 Replacement Filter Car tridge (570/900) R 1 075.00

SP207126 Mesh Filter R 372.00
SP205411 230V 2 Stage Bypass Motor R 2 420.00
SP216182 38mm Swivel Connector R 245.00
SP216112 38mm End Cuff R 245.00

Additional information

Weight 13.6 kg
Dimensions 41.5 x 41.5 x 64.5 cm








230V AC50 / 60Hz


2400mm H2O




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