Single Disc Srubber – HFM 1515 WOODWORKER

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Woodworker Airo system – a complete package for revitalising and maintaining wooden floor surfaces.

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Woodworker Airo system – a complete package for revitalising and maintaining wooden floor surfaces. The full 1500 Watt motor unit packs almost 50{0610caf00c0fe432e5da8d93b0cb1d86dded2df9d8fc04bffb736a81a3674a46} more power than normally required and this power is transmitted to the floor through our long established 150rpm, oil filled, low load, planetary gearbox. The big advantage of excess power is to provide scope for many additional tasks where the excess power is both advantageous and needed. Crystallization, floor sanding, scarifying, adding 10 kg or 20 kg of extra weight, all of these can be accommodated with this standard machine.

Motor: 1500W
Disc: 400mm
Brush: 450mm
Pad: 425mm
Power: 230V AC 50Hz
Speed: 150rpm
Vacuum: DT130
Range: 32m
Weight: 31kg
Dimensions: 460x560x1250mm

Standard with Base, Handle, Shroud & Dustrol Kit
RO905882 HFM1515G S/S Standard with Base, Handle & Shroud R 14 100.00
RA606618 Dustrol Kit: Vacuum Unit with Sanding Deck & Ring R 9 600.00
RA606620 400mm Woodworker Pad Drive – Airo Drive R 2 620.00

Sanding Accessories
SP606837 24 Grit Sanding Disc (Each) R 220.00
SP606840 40 Grit Sanding Disc (Each) R 220.00
SP606838 60 Grit Sanding Disc (Each) R 220.00
SP606839 80 Grit Sanding Disc (Each) R 220.00
SP606841 100 Grit Sanding Disc (Each) R 220.00
SP606843 120 Grit Sanding Disc (Each) R 220.00
SP606844 150 Grit Sanding Disc (Each) R 220.00
SP606845 180 Grit Sanding Disc (Each) R 240.00
SP606130 Airo Preparation Pad (Each) (Impor ted) R 275.00
SP606131 Airo Sand 40 Grit (Each) (Impor ted) R 275.00
SP606132 Airo Sand 60 Grit (Each) (Impor ted) R 275.00
SP606134 Airo Sand 80 Grit (Each) (Impor ted) R 275.00
SP606135 Airo Sand 100 Grit (Each) (Impor ted) R 275.00
SP606136 Airo Sand 120 Grit (Each) (Impor ted) R 275.00
SP606137 Airo Sand 150 Grit (Each) (Impor ted) R 275.00

Polishing Pads
SP606138 Airo Polish 600 Grade (Each) (Impor ted) R 410.00
SP606139 Airo Polish 1500 Grade (Each) (Impor ted) R 410.00
SP606140 Airo Polish 1800 Grade (Each) (Impor ted) R 410.00
SP606141 Airo Polish 2000 Grade (Each) (Impor ted) R 410.00
SP606142 Airo Dust Pad (Each) (Impor ted) R 275.00

Replacement Spares
SP303319 32mm Dustrol Hose c/w Cuf fs R 448.00
SP220471 2.5mm 3 Core Cable per meter R 145.00
SP227580 Handle Grip Mould (Each) R 510.00
SP903547 Trigger Mould (Red) (Each) R 510.00

RA606505 10kg Drop-on Weight R 2 985.00

Dustrol Vac Accessories
FI604015 1CH HepaFlo Filter Bags (Pack of 10) R 284.00
FI604133 Contractor Filter 200 (Re-usable Trappit Bag – Zipped) R 628.00



Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 46 x 56 x 125 cm





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