Mopping Units – MM30 Single Mop System

R910.00 exc VAT

Just one look at the MidMop system tells you it’s different and it’s the difference that counts.

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c/w 1 x 30l Bucket Grey
1 x MultiMop Head & Handle
Choose Your Mop

NM906312/3/4/5 30l Bucket (Grey) c/w 50mm Castors
(Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Handles) R 910.00
NM628117 MultiMop Head & Handle R 695.00
NM628140 MultiMop Giant Sponge (36cm) R 345.00
NM628142 MultiMop Scouring Pad (36cm) R 299.00
NM628144 MultiMop Cot ton Flat Mop (36cm) R 299.00
NM628146 MultiMop Static Dust Mop (36cm) R 299.00
NM628148 MultiMop Lambswool Pad (36cm) R 299.00

Wheels / Castors: 50mm
Size: 30L


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