Battery Vacuum Cleaner- NBV190/2 dry

R18,300.00 exc VAT

Powerful cordless, battery powered vacuum cleaner

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There are many occasions when cordless professional cleaning is the most simple solution in
difficult circumstances, avoiding any conflict with the public and concerns in complying with
increasing issues of Health and Safety and increasing regulations in such applications as the
cleaning of aircraft.

The NBV190 has the classic Numatic styling and quality, incorporating our specially designed 36V lithium polymer battery pack, providing excellent performance and total freedom of operation. NBV190 is available with one or two battery packs, dedicated universal charger set and full accessory kit.

• 36V cordless vacuum
• Hepa-Flo filtration
• Complete with accessory Kit AA29E
• Battery charge LCD display
• Wand Parking

Motor: 250W
Power: 36V Lithium Polymer
Air flow: 20L/sec
Suction: 1000mm H20
Capacity: 8L
Run time: 30min Run Time
Charge time: 3.5Hrs Charge Time
Weight: 6.38kg
Dimensions: 340x340x340mm

Standard with AA29E Kit / Replacement Accessories
VP601101 32mm 2.4m NuFlex Threaded Hose c/w Cuf fs R 489.00
VP601913 32mm 3pc Aluminium Wand Set (Grey) R 540.00
VP902072 32mm Battery Vac Combo Floor Tool (NBV/RSB) R 654.00
VP601141 32mm Double Taper Tool R 104.00
VP601142 32mm Plastic Crevice Tool R 154.00
VP601144 32mm Round Dust Brush – Soft R 169.00
VP601146 32mm Upholstery Brush R 169.00
VP601145 32mm Upholstery Bracket R 169.00
FI604165 TriTex Filter R 975.00
SP604506 Lithium Polymer Bat tery (Each) R 6 250.00
SP604504 Lithium Polymer Bat tery Charger Dock R 2 030.00
SP236174 Lithium Polymer Bat tery Charger Cable R 275.00.

FI604015 1CH HepaFlo Filter Bags (Pack of 10) R 284.00
FI604133 Contractor Filter 200 (Re-usable Trappit Bag – Zipped) R 628.00
SP902326 36V DC 1 Stage Motor R 1 640.00
SP216006 32mm Swivel Connector R 209.00
SP216089 32mm End Cuff R 209.00

Additional information

Weight 6.38 kg
Dimensions 34 x 34 x 34 cm


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