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Washroom Solutions
Food Solutions
Cleaning Equipment
Detergents (still under development)
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Our Team

A comprehensive team is on Stand to satisfy all your Material Handling and service needs.
Our equipment undergo stringent tests for durability and longevity to meet our clients demands and expectations.

Our Commitment to Service Excellence

The guiding rule for all Duramaid employees is “The aim of our work is to have satisfied customers”.
Our top priority is our customer.
Therefore those responsible always focus on what the customer wants.
By quality we mean satisfying our customers needs and desires for products and services.
Each employee makes his or her contribution to achieving the companies quality objectives.
Honesty is our policy.
We guarantee the highest level of quality service.



“Partnership Excellence through Brands and Technology” This highlights the intention to build long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers and to keep the flag of excellence flying high. Duramaid will also build on the success of the past by adding more world-class technologies to its product and service offerings.

“We will continuously improve our value by maximizing the potential of leading industrial brands and technologies in a safe environment where our people excel.” Fulfilling this purpose depends on the innovations our investments deliver, the quality of our products, the strengths and talents of our people and the honesty and integrity of our business dealings.


ntegrity We strive for open, honest and fair relationships with everyone and maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior at all times
Motivated people We have passion for growing and empowering our people who are confident, motivated and have pride in their work. We create an environment where people and their ideas are valued and rewarded and teamwork is encouraged.
Customer Driven We instill trust and confidence in our customers by responding to their needs with speed, professionalism and care.
Passion for excellence We strive to be the best in meeting expectations and seek effective solutions in all that we do. We act in a safe and responsible manner within a framework of sound governance.
Continuous improvement We continuously and proactively strive for stretch targets and challenge the boundaries to find innovative solutions. We invest energy, training and support in achieving this.